Overlijdensbericht America

De Amerikaanse Aasgier, het nieuwe symbool van Amerika ? (previously)

Overlijkensbericht America

Stop je oorlogen Amerika, voordat je wordt gestopt. Anders zullen de gieren boven je cirkelen, waar ooit arenden vlogen. Waar eens de Adelaar van Washington je redde van de buitenlandse huurlingen, nu ben je zelf de genadeloze buitenlandse huurlingen geworden, waarvan hele gezinnen huilen om uit hun klauwen gered te worden. Uw ooit nobele symbool is uw oorlogen zijn onwaardig. U kunt de Grondwet die u ooit gegeven is niet handhaven, hetgeen zijn edele natuur onderstreept: onverenigbaar met uw huidige criminaliteit. De Amerikaanse Gier is uw nieuwe teken, met uitzondering voor hen die loyaal zijn aan hun eed om de grondwet te beschermen tegen buitenlandse vijanden en BINNENLANDSE. De adelaar is gereserveerd voor degenen die de strijd voeren tegen de Amerikaanse misdaad en het Imperium. De anderen hebben zich enkel de hoge posten toegeëigend voor hun eigen zelfzuchtige doeleinden. Zij zijn de Aasgier Amerika. Niet langer verdien je het te worden gesymboliseerd door een cirkel. Je symbool is het Pentagon en de terreur. Wat gebeurde er met het land van de vrijheid, de thuisbasis van de dapperen? Als je doorgaat op deze manier, Amerika, kunnen zelfs de gieren niet overleven in uw land …

(Sorry voor creatieve uitlating, maar op de 1 of andere manier moet het Nederlandse volk gaan beseffen wie Amerika tegenwoordig is, of misschien altijd al was. America is geen beschermende adelaar meer, maar een rovende aasgier. Dit doodsbericht is gebaseerd op jarenlang intensief volgen van het Amerikaanse niet-massa nieuws. Het is voorbij, Amerika is gevallen, de laatste resten van de Republiek worden nu opgeruimd door de gemilitariseerde politie.)


Obituary America

Stop your wars America, before you are being stopped. Then vultures may circle your skies, where once eagles flew. Where once the Eagle of Washington saved you from a merciless foreign mercenaries, now you have become those merciless foreign mercenaries, that whole families cry to be delivered from. Your wars are not worthy of your once noble sign. You cannot maintain the Constitution you where given once, which shows its noble nature, incompatible with your present criminality. The American Vulture is your new sign, except for those loyal to their oath to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. The eagle is reserved for those waging the struggle against the American gangsterism and Empire. The others merely have usurped those once established high offices for their own selfish purposes. They are the Vulture America. No longer do you deserve to be symbolized by a circle, your symbol is the Pentagon and its terror. What happened to the land of the free, home of the brave ? You go on this way, America, and not even Vultures can survive in your lands…

(Sorry for creative statement, but the one way or another, the Dutch people have to realize who America is today, or perhaps always was. Not the protective eagle, but a hunting vulture. This obituary is based on years of intensive monitoring of the US non-mainstream news. It’s over, America has fallen, the last remnants of the Republic are now handled by the militarized police.)

Image is composed off this and this source, plus some editing by undersigned. Both sources seem to be public domain, and this hereby is also released back in the public domain.

P.S. Some funny things happened editing the image … the next day the phraze “from many, one” which had been carefully placed in the vultures mouth, turned out to not be in the vultures mouth. Call me weird but the phraze is apparently holy and the vulture may not own it; but rather stands in opposition to it: the many serve the few in the Vultures world. There is no one-ness. Apparently I saved accidentally an older version. The hands are made from pictures of my own hands … holding a chinese cookie wrapping. Although there is nothing wrong with Chinese sea weed cookies (I would hope), it is symbolic for the way that the imprisonment of America is by choice and by decadence. It also vibrates with the loss of industry to China, and that China’s dictatorship is seen as a great achievement and example by the vultures of America. The left bar turned out larger then the right one, which didn’t bother me at first and later it seemed that this would put a slanted perspective upon the bars of the prison so that the left bar is closer. This places the bars in a front-back direction outside of the paper, in the direction of enclosing the peace-making power in the right claw of the former-eagle on the side of the prisoner. This could be symbolic for peace being imprisoned, and war keeping the peacemakers behind bars. (Although considdered the right branch didn’t turn to skulls, because something of the original had to be maintained to make the symbol recognized as a play on the American seal; and Empire does like to have peace: peaceful slaves at its disposal, peace on the terms of the Vultures of America. The pentagon was flipped upside down, so that when a pentagram was painted in, its tip woud be downward, in keeping with tradition of representing good/evil. The eye on top represents the eye of Sauron in the Tolkien Saga.) Sorry to yap on but … goodness this is odd: there where 9 bills of 50,- euro in it, and a bill of 20,- (a fortune for me, yay). Symbolic of overprinting money ?Since the vulture head seems a bit oversized, you could say it is shoved in front of the eagle that is still behind it. Thus the Vulture has imprisoned the true America. The Vulture is also only a head, which symbolizes the Oligarchical nature of the internal coup in America: it is only a head, the mass of the People would not support all the criminal activities of this head, if … if they where using their head. But they do not, and thus the eagle has lost its head, and the Vultures came to feed on it and occupy its place. The eagles’ head was white, but the vultures head is not, symbolic of having lost its purety. Only in the rear guard is there still white, on the tail, which you could say is symbolic of a part of the people or perhaps the most downtrodden part thereof. It is through the tail that the bird maintains its balance, it is important in steering … will this mean that America will start to loose its ability to stay on targets that the head has set for itself ? The head detached from the main body, of a different kind, and with the purety still there being imprisoned, what would this mean for America ? Tyrannical regimes are known for their instability, depressed economies, and other weaknesses. The phraze “from many, one” no longer being in the beak, it will drift away …


Don’t think I like doing this, America. When one sees these two symbols, what you have become, how could anyone laugh, except for the fact that it may be an apt description and useful to spread the truth. Why would I hate America ? I grew up in swimming shorts in the American flag, the stars and stripes, thinking you where the home of the free. Who doesn’t want to be free ? When Bush came, I could not longer wear it and got rid of it. Now it has come to this: you are our enemy, the enemy of truth, justice, democracy, the rule of law. The ideals that founded your country, founded my country, and the ideals that founded your country also came from my country. Now this is what you have become, this is what the West has become. The NATO flag shows a Swastica, and where NATO boots are found, mass murder is suspected. Where are the free and the brave ? Who dares risk their live for Justice ? I cried for you America; but now that you became what you have become, who shall cry over your final demise ? You have killed so many people who did not deserve to be killed, you are so far outside of your own borders where you only do damage. You even where part of murdering ~300 of my own people (MH17 Ukraine). You committed an act of war against us.


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